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Harrison Goldman was established by Peter Harrison and Mark Goldman in 1993. The intention was to create an independent consultancy which would provide an unrivalled design resource for anybody interested in the use of masonry and cladding in construction.  This includes all aspects of the use of natural and reconstructed stone, terracotta, faience, brickwork and pre-cast concrete.

The company is based in Croydon, which gives rapid access to London and the South East, and easy communications with the rest of the country.

Autocad has become the in-house draughting software package, and provides compatibility with most customer sites. We make full use of internet based information systems, but also recognize that many clients prefer to use a paper based approach.

The majority of our business is conducted in the UK, but we also have clients based in Europe, USA, Middle East and Far East.

Harrison Goldman provides CPD Lectures, seminars and on-site technical support. The company is strongly associated with Stone Federation GB and is actively involved in the production of both British and European Standards, and industry codes of practice.



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