Stone Selection, UKCA/CE Certificates & Declaration of Performance

Select the correct stone for your proposed application and ensure compliance to the statutory requirements of stone and other masonry materials.

Harrison Goldman helps you select stone with confidence. From the various types of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic stone available, our independent experts will assess the stone’s suitability for your project and help you make a fully informed choice.

mono quarryWe regularly visit stone quarries, mines and processing plants to assess the suitability of specific stone and suppliers.  This includes the close examination of exposed faces and the potential for geological variations between different beds or types of stone.  We check for quality, environmental and ethical control and the availability and consistency of supply. We call for testing sample plans and reports.

All stone materials must comply to the relevant standards and codes of practice, supported by testing and certification. When covered by the Harmonised Standards (EN), materials should be accompanied by UKCA/CE Certificates and Declarations of Performance (DoP).  This includes the test results relevant to the proposed application, such as strength, slip and skid resistance and the expected long term performance.  We scrutinise recent test production data to confirm the technical properties of a stone and call for additional investigation or tests when necessary.

DoP and UKCA/CE certification applies to all stone elements placed on the market in the UK and European Union, irrespective of their country of origin. The certificates must show:

  • Traditional name
  • Petrological family
  • The typical colour
  • Place of origin
  • Intended use
  • Essential characteristics (test results)

Please read our update on UKCA/CE marking for natural stone.

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